List your space


The Studio Hive is a platform of beautiful spaces available to rent by the hour or day for clients’ creative needs (i.e. photo shoots, small creative productions, meeting spaces, event spaces, etc). Hosts decide exactly how their space is used (i.e. photo shoots only, maximum amount of people present, minimum rental time). Earn money on each rental while seeing top brands and creatives in action!

Here’s how it works:

  1. 1. List your space for free! Set your own price, add photos, details, and rules (i.e. only photo shoots allowed).

  2. 2. Our concierge services will handle back and forth communications and only reach out to you when a booking request has been made and your approval is needed.

  3. 3. Once you’ve confirmed a booking we will provide guests with your address and all other pertinent information.

  4. 4. Guests are charged upfront through our secure payment system. You payout is sent to you after each successful booking, minus our 15% concierge service fee.


    We like to think of ourselves as the Airbnb for creatives! We offer a platform of gorgeous homes, studio spaces, storefronts, and more to photographers, ad agencies, and other creatives. We’ve worked with elite brands and agencies to create some beautiful content over the years, and are excited about expanding our influence to those who haven’t taken advantage of our concierge services yet!

    If you are listing your home you can expect photographers, brands, and other creative professionals to book your beautiful space. Additionally, brands and small businesses are looking at booking storefront spaces to host pop-ups, while small film productions will be looking for studio spaces. As a host you’ll be able to list what type of productions are allowed in your space.

    Founding members will only be charged a 15% fee whenever they receive a booking and The Studio Hive will deduct this fee before payouts. We will eventually implement a tier structure with higher fees (but still way lower than you’ll find elsewhere!) so be sure to lock in your spot today in order to receive alllll the benefits!

    Once the host has approved a reservation request, our concierge services will email an invoice to the guest. The reservation will be confirmed as soon as payment is received, and payment will be sent to the host as soon as the booking has concluded.